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About Us

CvHolder is a web platform that provides an opportunity to job-seekers and employers to connect and transact the business of employment/recruitment. Our overall objective is to create global visibility via the internet for jobseekers and reduce the cost and time of recruitment for employers. CvHolder enables speed, fair and cost-efficient recruitment. We strive to maintain member’s data confidentiality through our secure platform.

The benefits of our offering to job-seekers are such that they need not go job hunting anymore. The site provides unlimited visibility to job-seekers without having to apply directly to any organization. The platform also allows employers direct access to potential employees without having to advertise or go through recruitment agencies. In addition to the cost and time saving, another benefit to the employer is the elimination of the risk of nepotism/favouritism.

Our platform creates a short-list of potential employees for employers without any publicity about the vacancy. We shorten the time between employers deciding to fill a vacancy and final placement. This is achieved by the elimination of the intervening processes of vacancy advertisement, tedious and time-consuming shortlisting before interviewing.

Our Mission

To offer a cost efficient globally visible platform that is reliable and secure for both jobseekers and employers to engage each other fairly without going through traditional recruitment process and hence create wealth for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Our Values

Speed – eliminate delay points in the recruitment process to enable companies fill vacancies promptly.

Fair Recruitment – remove nepotism and allow suitably qualified persons to be employed

Respect for Cost – Cost efficient recruitment by eliminating cost points such as advertisement, recruitment agencies, and time to recruit.

Our Vision

For Employers: By ensuring anonymity of employers, we will minimise social pressures which lead to nepotism and its attendant mishaps for organisations.

For Jobseekers: Provide a global platform for Jobseekers to be contacted directly by employers.


Members of this website are allowed to edit their data as and when they wish. For purposes of data integrity, we require that the information entered on this site must be authentic as the information provided by a member may go through periodic checks.